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Please be sure to read all the info about our puppy adoption requirements and procedures. Young puppies require a lot of time, dedication, exercise, socialization and TRAINING!

1.  Puppies under the age of 4 months generally stay in volunteer foster homes. When we post a puppy for adoption, the posting will indicate if the puppy is in a foster home. Our adoption fee for puppies under 4 months of age is $300.00, but is subject to vary if our veterinary costs for the animal have been extraordinary or if the puppy is part of a special program that has incurred additional expenses. Your adoption fee is a non-refundable donation which includes the pre-adoption spay or neuter of the puppy, relevant vaccines, a heartworm test, de-wormings and micro-chipping.    

           *If the puppy is in a foster home, then there will be instructions in the posting on how to inquire/apply.  Please follow the instructions in the posting.  For inquiries, please email puppy@daws.org

            *If you are interested in a puppy, who is staying at the shelter, please visit our shelter during our Open House hours.Once you have met the puppy, you can fill out an application.  Your application will be processed and if approved, the adoption will be finalized usually within a few days. If you are attending a Puppy OH at the DAWS shelter, all members of the family must meet the puppy prior to the application being approved and adoption finalized.

2.  We get a lot of interest in puppies and are committed to finding each one the best possible home.  Please be realistic about your lifestyle and your ability to provide the TIME, COMMITTMENT, and TRAINING necessary to raise a puppy.  Young puppies need a great deal of socialization, a structured and frequent housebreaking routine and consistent, daily training.  Adopting a young puppy on average is a 12-15 year commitment.  We reserve the right to approve or deny any application in accordance with our adoption policies and practices.

The DAWS Dog Program feels that young puppies should not be left alone, crated during the day for more than 4-5 hours total. For example, coming home on your lunch break for 30 minutes is not sufficient. If you work long hours away from home, then a young pup is probably not the best match for you; please consider adopting one of our older puppies or adult dogs.

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3.  DAWS strongly recommends that adopters enroll their new puppies in an obedience or training class by 6 months of age.  Proper obedience training is essential in order for a puppy to develop into a well-mannered adult.  DAWS also strongly recommends the crate-training method for housebreaking and other training needs.

4.  Puppies are spayed/neutered before adoption. DAWS follows the best practices of leading animal welfare organizations, such as Best Friends Sanctuary, ASPCA, and HSUS. These well-respected groups advocate and perform pediatric spay/neuter surgery, which has been practiced in the shelter community for the past 20 years. The many reasons for performing pediatric spay/neuter include ensuring adopted animals do not contribute to companion animal overpopulation and reducing the likelihood of reproductive cancers and related health issues. At DAWS, our goal is to alter every animal that is at least 7-weeks-old and in good health.

For more information on pediatric spay/neuter, please see the following links:




At time of adoption, all puppies have had age appropriate medical care such as vaccinations, dewormings, and flea and tick preventative.  Adopters will be responsible for any and all medical care once the adoption is finalized.  At the time of adoption, you will receive an adoption folder that contains complete medical records, medical information, and other pet care information.