Sadie arrived at DAWS as an energetic nine-week-old puppy who was ready to share her love with a new family. But Sadie’s fate became uncertain when she was examined in our clinic. A very loud heart murmur was detected, meaning Sadie required special care. After multiple visits to a cardiologist, she was diagnosed with two different heart defects that would require a lifetime of medication. The cost for Sadie’s medical care reached $1,400, and her condition required her to stay in foster care for an extra six weeks. Through it all, she remained a sweet, happy puppy whose broken heart was filled with love.

Because Sadie’s condition couldn’t be corrected, she needed to be adopted by a family willing to care for her special needs. Fortunately her story has a happy ending, and she was adopted by a loving family. They opened their hearts to Sadie and committed to caring for her special needs for as long as her broken heart beats.

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