Mandated Service

Limited opportunities may exist for a person wanting to volunteer at DAWS to fulfill court-mandated community service. You will need to provide, in writing:

    • Court documentation of offense
    • Number of hours to be completed
    • Deadline for completion
    • Court contact information if possible


All court-mandated community service volunteers must bring photo identification and complete a DAWS Volunteer application.

Court-mandated community service volunteers have no contact with shelter animals or the public. Volunteer time may be spent completing projects as identified by the Operations Director.

Please be aware that the DAWS does not accept those convicted of the following crimes (all other charges will be assessed on a case-by-case basis):

    • Animal neglect/abuse
    • Violent crimes
    • Weapons charges
    • Crimes of a sexual nature
    • Certain drug charges


Call the Operations Director at 203.744.3297 for more information.