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Happy Holidays to all!!!!
I just wanted to finally share some pics of Maizy (you know her as Princess) in her new forever home! We have been so blessed with her!!! She loves her crate, barely ever has accidents, and is just the sweetest pup!!!! She is still a little skittish with loud noises, other animals, and abrupt movements- but we will fix that!!!! We love her so much and can't imagine our lives without her. Maizy has brought our Lola Belle back to life after her loss of her best friend Max....Lola was so depressed when Max passed- we thought she would never come out of it, but she did thanks to Maizy!!! 
We wish all the people of DAWS, and every single animal- cat and dog- a very special holiday!!!! I wish we could take a dog in for Christmas........I would take them all in if I could!!!
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