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I adopted a cattle dog mix named "DeeDee" (since renamed Sydney) from
you in June 2010, and I wanted to send an update.
It continues to amaze me how wonderful a companion this animal is.
Since finishing undergrad and moving on to vet school, Sydney moved
with me and she is more bonded to me than ever.  She is exceedingly
smart and continues to learn new tricks and commands regularly... her
current list would make for too long an email.  She is more responsive
and willing to please than any dog I've ever had.
She is content to lay on her bed or next to me on the sofa chewing a
bone or squeaky toy when I have to study, or to cuddle against my side
to watch tv or sleep at night.  Syd's calm behavior is even more
remarkable given that she is always ramped up to go for our frequent
outings running and hiking on the nearby wooded trails where she can
blast around at full speed off-leash.
We have also recently begun agility training at which she is exceeding
all expectations for a beginner.
The simple unexpected joys that Sydney brings to my life are so
rewarding, even something as small as her tucking her head under my
elbow to be petted, or wiggling her stump tail super fast when she's
happy or excited.
Basically I want to say a heartfelt thank you for bringing this
incredible animal into my life.  I love this dog to pieces and cannot
tell you what a joy she is to have.  Thank you again for helping her
become part of my life.
I've attached a few photos to give a snapshot of her life these days..
playing with friends' dogs, sailing over agility jumps, snoozing in
her dog bed, and enjoying a fall afternoon walk.
Thank you again for all that you do for pet lovers like myself.
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