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Dog Center

Welcome to our Dog Center!

Here you can find all you need to know about bringing a dog or puppy into your home as one of the family. All of our important forms and resources are on this page as well. Don't forget to enjoy our dog and puppy gallery. If you should have any questions, please contact us at dogs@daws.org

Dog Adoption Process

We have an adoption process designed to match the animals in our care with the most appropriate home. Here is what we recommend...

Do some research and planning before making the decision to add a pet to your home.

Think about what age, size and temperament of dog would best suit your lifestyle and family. Decide if you are ready to take on the daily responsibilities and financial obligations of pet ownership. Do your research too. Please view the following important resources when making your decision.

Check out our pets online and come visit our shelter.

Attend our Open House at the Bethel Shelter held every Wednesday - Friday: 6pm-8pm and Saturday/Sunday: 2pm-4pm. Find your new pal today, Visit our Dog Gallery.

Fill out an adoption application and speak to an adoption counselor.

If you find a dog you are interested in adopting, you will be asked to fill out an adoption application An adoption counselor will review your application to make sure this particular dog would be a good match for you and your family. Please note that we may take up to three applications on a dog while we are getting them ready for adoption, and will select the home that we feel is the best match for that particular animal. Dogs generally do not go home the same day applications are submitted. We will process your application, which involves calling a veterinary reference (if applicable) and personal reference. We will also need either permission from your landlord to have a dog, or proof of home ownership (a mortgage statement or water/sewer bill). Dog Application (below)

Finalize the adoption.

Our adoption fee for all dogs/puppies is usually $300 (over 4 mths of age), puppies under 4 months $350, but is subject to vary if our veterinary costs for the animal have been extraordinary or if the dog is part of a special program that has incurred additional expenses. Your adoption fee is a non-refundable donation which includes the pre-adoption spay or neuter of the dog, relevant vaccines including rabies and distemper, a heartworm test, de-wormings and micro-chipping. You will be asked to sign an adoption contract, agreeing to comply with certain standards of care for the dog. In signing the contract, you agree to keep the dog for its entire life. If, for whatever reason you feel you must relinquish custody of the dog, you hereby agree to contact us and discuss appropriate options with our Dog Program chair.

DAWS Adoption Application

In order to apply for a dog, you must visit the shelter, meet the dogs, and submit an application in person. You may download an application and bring one with you the day you visit or fill one out at the shelter. If you are from outside Connecticut and wish to apply for a dog, please email us at dogs@daws.org to discuss application options.

If You Need to Surrender Your Dog

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that you must give up your pet. We provide the following resources and assistance for this situation. Please read our process carefully. Surrendering Your Dog.